The Digital Cough Test (DCT) is an app created by Therma Bright and AI4LYF that uses artificial intelligence to detect multiple respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, by analyzing a person’s cough sound. With an accuracy above 94%, DCT provides rapid results comparable to PCR tests and superior to Lateral Flow Kits. The technology is non-invasive, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easily repeatable.

Users simply install the DCT app, record a 3-second cough sample, and receive results in less than 30 seconds. The app is compatible with any mobile phone and internet connection.

AI4LYF’s STOPP solution, a new outbreak monitoring system, aims to predict and prevent future pandemics when deployed at scale. DCT has various use cases, including governance during pandemics, healthcare, education, travel, and work.

The AI algorithm learns to identify diseases by analyzing cough sounds from thousands of samples. It detects unique sound attributes and frequencies that the human ear cannot discern, resulting in accurate diagnoses.

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