Therma Bright and Inretio are revolutionizing ischemic stroke treatment with their innovative clot-retrieving device, PREVA™. Ischemic strokes are caused by a clot blocking blood flow to the brain and afflict over 690,000 US patients each year. Current clot-retrieving devices offer incomplete solutions, whereas Inretio’s technology aims to improve effectiveness and prevent complications during thrombectomy procedures. This breakthrough has the potential to significantly impact the lives of those affected by ischemic strokes and make a substantial difference in the medical community.

The PREVA™ clot retriever offers a new approach to clot retrieval by reaching distally to the clot and opening a patented protective basket. This method minimizes the risk of embolization and reduces the need for repeated maneuvers in the procedure. The device’s unique PREVA™ basket “ensnares” the clot, encapsulating it and protecting the brain from sub-clots breaking off during the thrombectomy. This complete removal of the clot and its fragments leads to more successful revascularization, preventing further damage and complications.

The PREVA™ device has shown promising results in early animal trials, achieving an 80% success rate compared to the 50% effectiveness of existing clot retriever technology. Inretio has received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority for full development of the technology and a working prototype. Plans for 2023 include additional animal studies until March 2023 and clinical trials by July 2023 at locations worldwide, including Israel, Canada, and the US at renowned hospitals.

The global market for clot retrievers, currently dominated by major US medical device companies, is valued at $2.83 billion in 2022 and expected to grow.

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