Therma Bright Inc. in Final Stages of Testing TherOZap(TM) Technology Against the Zika Virus

Zika Virus

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – March 28, 2019) – Therma Bright Inc. (TSXV: THRM), (“Therma Bright” or the “Company“), a progressive medical device technology company is pleased to announce, further to the press releases on October 11th and December 17th, 2018, that the Company is in the final stages of in vitro testing and awaits the results of the TherOZap™ technology against the Zika virus. Testing is being conducted through a top research laboratory in Canada. The Company expects to report further information as it becomes available.

In addition, and further to the press release on December 17th, 2018, the Company is in discussions to add additional pain research groups to test the Company’s beta pain relief device to test the effectiveness of the device at reducing general pain or arthritic pain such as: back, hip, knee, foot, hand or other orthopedic pain. The beta pain relief device incorporates the Company’s thermal therapy technology, new add-on technology and the use of pain relief formulations with medicinal cannabis and non-medicinal formulations in the form of creams, gels or salves. Therma Bright has designed the testing protocol to be used by the pain research groups and will report further information as it becomes available. All research and administration of any medicinal cannabis will be dealt with through authorized personnel and licensed research facilities.

Therma Bright continues to review various medical device technologies that may be available for acquisition, joint venture and licensing. Therma Bright is focused on reviewing novel devices for the cannabis industry and other novel medical device related technologies. Therma Bright will announce further information as it completes due diligence.

Rob Fia, CEO commented:

“To date the research lab has done an excellent job following protocol and testing our device with the aim of reporting statistically relevant results. Therma Bright made a number of improvements to the device for this testing and we look forward to reporting the test results of our TherOZap™ technology against the Zika in the near future.”

About Therma Bright Inc.:

Therma Bright is a progressive medical device technology company focused on providing consumers with quality medical devices that address their dermatological needs. Clear and healthy skin for all is at the core of the Company’s philosophy as is the belief that such outcomes should not be a privilege for only those who can afford costly procedures and treatments. The Company’s breakthrough proprietary technology delivers effective, non-invasive and pain free skin care.

Therma Bright received a Class II medical device status from the FDA for its platform technology that is indicated for the relief of the pain, itch, and inflammation from over 20,000 different insect stings and bites, (including bees, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, black flies and jellyfish). The Company received approval for the above claims from FDA (United States) in 1997.


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