The Venowave is a circulation booster designed to improve circulation in the lower extremities.

The Venowave is a medical compression pump that is lightweight, compact, battery operated, designed to treat and alleviate the symptoms associated with poor circulation. When worn firmly on the calf, the Venowave produces a wave form motion forcing blood from the feet and legs back to the heart. This increase in blood flow draws oxygen to wound and ulcer sites, prevents blood pooling and clotting, and alleviates symptoms of Post Thrombotic Syndrome and other Chronic Venous Insufficiencies.

The product is unique because it is lightweight (250 g or less than ½ a pound), discreet (can be worn under pants or skirts easily), and allows patients to remain completely mobile. There are no wires or tubes.

Venowave is for sale exclusively in the United States of America via a growing number of partners and distributors.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning how to purchase a Venowave.